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Berkley Powerbait Speed Boss Worm

The irresistible profile of a worm expertly collides with the proven wide action of the Pit Boss style legs for maximum water disturbance with a slender profile. Featuring a thick and durable body, the Speed Boss Worm is designed to handle rougher grass applications with ease while providing more action than some other grass-style worms. The hard-hitting tail kicks and churns effortlessly as it slithers its way through the grassy cover big bass love to lurk in.

Tirelessly researched and designed to tempt predators, the Berkley Powerbait Speed Boss Worm boasts Berkley’s signature Powerbait scent technology that keeps bass holding on longer and gives anglers more time to set the hook. Constructed with input from Bassmaster Classic Champion, Skeet Reese, the dense head is built for the Florida Rig or Weightless EWG Rigging techniques. An unbeatable option for navigating your lake’s dense submerged jungles, the Berkley Powerbait Speed Boss Worm combines a worm body with a Pit Boss style tail for a match made in hawg heaven.

  • 5-3/4"
  • 8ct