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Berkley Powerbait Boss Grub 3"

Delivering the irresistible action only Bassmaster Classic Champion Skeet Reese and Berkley could design, the Berkley Powerbait Boss Grub is truly a versatile fish catching machine. The Boss Grub features the enticing profile of a grub with the proven fast action of the Pit Boss style legs for maximum water disturbance with a bulky presence in the water. The generously thick body with water-pushing ribs adds impressive durability for rough applications and rigging.

The Berkley Powerbait Boss Grub also entrusts its success to Berkley’s signature Powerbait scent technology that encourages bass to hold on up to 18-times longer. Ready for action in nearly any application, the Boss Grub makes for an excellent Bladed Jig Trailer, Jig Head Trailer, and even pairs well with your favorite Swing Head or Texas Rig. A smart plastic to have tied on when the bite is tough, the Berkley Powerbait Boss Grub is sure to help anglers find limits in challenging conditions.

  • 3" 
  • 9 ct.