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Berkley Frittside 5 Clickin

Designed by crankbait fishing legend, David Fritts, the Berkley Clickin' Frittside 5 Crankbait utilizes the proven fishing catching profile and action as the original Frittside but adds an inviting clicking noise that calls fish in dirty water conditions. Featuring a flat-sided design, the Clickin' Frittside 5 Crankbait produces an ultra-tight balsa-like action that is reminiscent of old school hand made crankbaits. Internally, it’s equipped with a single ceramic ball that produces a subtle clicking noise and aggravates fish into striking.

Perfect for the bite is tough, the Clickin' Frittside 5 Crankbait offers a small and compact profile that is deadly on pressured fish or when the bass are targeting smaller forage. The patented FlashDisc technology also improves tracking, stability, and accuracy, this unique flat-sided crankbait provides the versatility to be fished slowly or burned at high speed without blowing out. Covered in custom paint jobs and outfitted with razor sharp Berkley Fusion19 treble hooks, the Berkley Clickin' Frittside 5 Crankbait will get bites with nothing else will.

Kentucky Blue
Midnight Pearl
Ghost Red Craw
Special Red Craw
Firetail Green Craw
Rootbeer Craw