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Berkley Powerbait Flippin' Jigs

Offering the powerful performance needed to stand up to grumpy bass in a variety of cover, the Berkley Flippin Jig is ready to muscle trophy fish to your livewell. Starting with a broad, Arkie-style head, it delivers extreme versatility with its ability to crawl over and through hard, soft, and in-between cover so you can reach more fish in more places. Additionally, the head features a 40-degree recessed line tie that not only protects your knots but also positions your jig in the perfect pulling angle for more positive hooksets.

Designed to be a fish-producer by Bass Fishing Hall of Famer, Gary Klein, the Berkley Flippin Jig is topped off with an irresistible PowerBait flavored skirt for a more enticing presentation fish can’t pass up. Above the skirt, a heavy weedguard stands ready to shed unwanted, snaggy vegetation and shield your hook point from damaging hard structure. A detached talon-style keeper system firmly locks your favorite trailer onto the stout, razor-sharp Fusion19 hook for a seamless profile. Built with all the right features in all the right places, the Berkley Flippin Jig will help you haul whales over the rails.