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Berkley Dime 4 Crankbait

Primed to be your new go-to shallow water crankbait, the Berkley Dime 4 Crankbait features a lightweight compact body that provides balsa-like action and the ability to be fished slowly or burned at high speeds without blowing out. Built with Berkley’s patented FlashDisc technology to improve tracking, stability, and casting accuracy, the Berkley Dime 4 series delivers long-distance castability despite its smaller size thanks to a premium internal weight transfer system. Available in first-in-class finishes and colorways to match the hatch and mimic a wide variety of forage, each crankbait is armed with sticky sharp Berkley Fusion19 treble hooks to improve hook-up ratios and help anglers convert more bites. When it's time to fill the boat, it's time to start dropping dimes! Tie on the Berkley Dime 4 Crankbait and score big!