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Berkley Cull Shad 8"

Taking shallow water swimbait fishing to a new level, the Berkley Powerbait CullShad Swimbait combines big profile drawing power with Berkley’s proprietary Honeycomb Technology to increase durability without sacrificing action. Featuring a pre-rigged hassle-free harness and hook retention clip to keep the treble hook secured to the belly, the body and keeling harness design prevent blowouts and keep the CullShad running true even at fast retrieve speeds.

Additionally, the Berkley Powerbait Cullshad Swimbait allows anglers to adjust the sink rate on the fly with smart weighting rigging options that provide precise depth control with the use of nail weights. Perfect for targeting that kicker bass on tournament day, the Berkley Powerbait CullShad Swimbait is finished with first-in-class painted and HD printed forage matching color patterns to ensure you’ve got the Berkley advantage cast after cast!