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Bagley BLSP5-TSO Bang-O-Lure Balsa Spin Tail - Tennessee Shad/Org Belly

The irresistible balsa wood Bagley Bang-O-Lure has infuriated walleye, smallies, bigmouth, and pike for 60 years. The Bang-O-Lure can cast, settle, twitch and retrieve, or troll five feet from shore. Either way, grip tight and brace yourself for that classic strike when your prey start thrashing.

The BL5 Bang-O-Lure is ideal for big predators likepike gobbling perch over a weedbed or largemouth bass striking at a wounded shad on the surface. After twitching, watch for the rings to disappear before twitching again... Any slight disturbance means you're dealing with a big fish!