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Lacrosse Alpha Agility Snake Boot 17"


From the truck to the blind. From the tool shed to the back forty. Wherever you need to go, these boots provide protection from venomous snakes. Designed for maximum flexibility and comfort, the boots have a lightweight rubber upper over a comfortable neoprene core so you can move quickly and confidently over soft ground.

ALPHA CONSTRUCTIONBuilt with hand-laid premium, natural rubber over insulating neoprene for durability, flexibility and complete waterproof protection.COMFORT LINERQuick drying and moisture wicking, our jersey knit liner will keep your feet dry and comfortable.MOSSY OAK NWTF OBSESSIONObsession features an enhanced background of mottled tree bark inspired by the original Mossy Oak BottomlandĀ® pattern, true-to-nature elements of limbs, pine and oak foliage, and spring color tones to match the turkey woods in spring and early fall.ACTIVE FITWith a comfortable, secure fit to keep your foot in place while on the move, boots with Active Fit also go on and come off with ease.KICK-OFF HEEL PLATEFor easy hands-free removal.SNAKE GUARDWe use a flexible snake protection fabric in between the liner and exterior of the boot to give you complete snake protection without weighing you down.Ā Learn More.AGILITY OUTSOLEThe durable rubber outsole of the Alpha Agility is paired with a midsole constructed from our lightweight LXA compound for optimal rebound and comfort.


Style 302422
Height 17"
Insulation Uninsulated
Color NWTF Mossy Oak Obsession
Camo Pattern Mossy OakĀ® NWTF Obsession
Footbed EVA
Shank Nylon
Protection Snake Guard
Last Type JBJR
Lining Waterproof
Liner Jersey
Recraftable No
Manufacturing Imported


    Mossy Oak Obesession