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Abu Garcia REVO3 SX SP30 6:2:1

Designed with ingenuity and cutting-edge technologies to outperform the competition, the Abu Garcia Revo Rocket LP Casting Reels deliver the blazing speed needed to keep up with today’s quickest anglers. The Revo Rocket LP Reels offer anglers an impressive 10.1:1 gear ratio that is perfect for targeting deep-dwelling bass and employing techniques that require picking up line in a hurry. The internals are also enhanced with an 11-bearing system that provides exceptionally smooth operation and IVCB-4 braking systems for the ultimate control on the water.

Further enhancing angler appeal, the Abu Garcia Revo Rocket LP Casting Reels employ specialized hardware to improve their user experience on the water. The Revo Rocket LP Casting Reels are constructed with an innovative EXD concept design that pushes the line guide forward to reduce extreme angles and maximize their casting capabilities. They also rely on an asymmetric build that allows for a more compact body and larger spool sizes without increasing the palm side of the reel. Completed with 95mm handles and oversized knobs, the Abu Garcia Revo Rocket LP Casting Reels push the limits of speed and power.

-Asymmetric Body Design
-Lightweight Aluminum Frame and Handle Sideplate
-EXD Concept Design
-IVCB-4 Brake System
-95mm Handle with Oversized Knobs
-18lbs Max Drag