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6th Sense Splash Back Topwater Popper

The 6th Sense Splash Back Popper will bring new life to your popper arsenal.  By offering a fresh, innovative design and different shape, it will revolutionize your topwater fishing.  The Splash Back utilizes a unique keel-shaped body with flat sides, which makes the lure cut through water with ease and makes “walking the dog” a simple task.  In addition, its extra-open mouth design chugs and spits like no other surface lure, and also provides the classic popper “bloop” sound.  Another unique feature of the Splash Back is at rest it moves side-to-side due to its flat sides and V-shaped body, which produces the flash an attraction of a wounded baitfish on the surface.  The Splash Back also comes equipped with 3D eyes, 3D gill plates, realistic paint jobs, textured scales, and super sharp hooks with a hand tied feather treble in the rear.  Packed full of great features and high quality components, the 6th Sense Splash Back Popper is one of the most versatile topwater baits on the market

  • Splashback 70
  • 2.75"
  • 3/8oz
  • Non-Rattling