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6th Sense Quake 80 Suspending Lipless Crankbait

Taking a whole new approach to the lipless crankbait, the 6 Sense Quake Suspending Lipless Crankbait delivers the same great action at the original Quake Lipless Crankbait but now with the ability to suspend, giving lethargic fish more time to bite. Engineered with a unique suspension system that varies with water temperature, the 6 Sense Quake Suspending Lipless Crankbait will suspend for a longer amount of time in colder water when fish aren’t as active and less in warmer water when fish are more aggressive. This system makes it an ideal choice for year round applications and deadly when fishing around ambush points or grass flats because the bait will stay in the strike zone for a longer period of time. 

It also features the Quake’s signature dual flat back design with two large flat spots that grab more water and increase vibrations. Its ultra-loud rattle chamber aggravates fish and provokes vicious strikes as well. Equipped with two premium EWG style treble hooks that dramatically increase your hook up and landing ratio, the 6 Sense Quake Suspending Lipless Crankbait adds a new dimension to lipless crankbait fishing that bass have never seen before.