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6th Sense Provoke 106X Jerkbait

Designed with the input of 6th Sense’s prostaff, the 6th Sense Provoke 106X delivers all of the fish-catching attributes that anglers look for in a jerkbait. Internally, the 6th Sense Provoke 106X is equipped with a precisely tuned weighting system, which provides either a slow floating or suspending presentation – depending on water temperature.

Tempting fish in the 3-to-6 foot range, the 6th Sense Provoke 106X features a uniquely engineered tapered backside that causes the Provoke to come to life with each twitch of the rod tip. Presenting bass with an incredibly lifelike presentation, the 6th Sense Provoke 106X features detailed scaling, gill plates, and 3-D eyes that will fool the largest and most seasoned predators. Armed with three super-sharp treble hooks, the 6th Sense Provoke106X gives anglers everything they need to dominate fish and the competition.