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6th Sense OX Flipping Hooks

Hence the name, the 6th Sense OX Flipping Hooks are designed for flipping, pitching, and punching into the heaviest of cover. Forged from heavy gauge black nickel wire, the 6th Sense OX Flipping Hooks provide plenty of strength to rip big fish out of dense cover without bending or straightening. They are equipped with a dual-barbed bait keeper that will not only extend the life of your plastics, but also maintain a straight and consistent presentation, flip after flip.

Another key element of the 6th Sense OX Flipping Hooks is the welded eyes, which is critical for using braided line and specialty snell knots for punching through matted vegetation. Complete with a razor-sharp hook point that provides lighting fast hook penetration, the 6th Sense OX Flipping Hooks are a must-have for your heavy cover flipping arsenal. 

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