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6th Sense Line Through Treble Head

Providing increased hook-up ratios with a unique line-thru rigging system, the 6th Sense Line Through Swimbait Treble Head allows swimbaits to slide up the line after the fish is hooked to greatly reduce any leverage they could gain to throw the bait. Simply insert the mainline through the hole in the nose of the jig head, tie on a treble hook behind the head, thread your favorite 6th Sense swimbait onto the large screw-lock, and embed one of the hook points into the back of the soft plastic.

With the hook positioned on top of the swimbait, Treble Head rigging creates a relatively snag-free presentation that allows anglers to fish around vegetation and heavy cover with far fewer snags and hang-ups. Finished with realistic 3D eyes, textured gill plates, and brilliant color patterns, the 6th Sense Line Through Swimbait Treble Head is a handy piece of terminal tackle that should be in every swimbait aficionado's tackle box!

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