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6TH Sense Juggle Minnow 4"

Designed with the goal of creating the perfect multi-purpose soft plastic trailer for a variety of fishing applications, the 6th Sense Juggle Minnow is comprised of 3D ridgelines and a bulbous tail that provides balance and realistic baitfish action. Perfect for pairing with your favorite swim jig, spinnerbait, bladed jig, buzzbait, swimbait head, or underspin, the Juggle Minnow makes fishing more efficient with its unique ability to multi-task with all kinds of lures.

Featuring a realistic fork-shaped tail and keeled belly fin to help impart its lively movement, this bite-sized swimbait is available in a range of fish-catching colors and is also phenomenal when rigged on a drop shot or Carolina rig. Now there is no longer a need to buy a specific soft plastic for each setup, simply pick up a pack or two of the 6th Sense Juggle Minnow and see for yourself all the unique rigging presentations that will help you tackle any situation you encounter on the water.

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