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6TH Sense Flush 5.2"

More than just your average soft plastic jerkbait, the 6th sense Flush Soft Jerkbait is packed with a number of details and realistic features that separate it from the competition. Measuring at 5.2” in length, this fluke style bait features a split belly and fork tail, but also includes matching pectoral fins, a dorsal fin, and keeled belly that allow the bait to remain in a balanced, upright position when fishing.  

The forked tail fin incorporates a small ball at the base of the tail and adds unbelievable action and stability. To top it off, the dorsal fin is equally separated providing a built in weed guard for you exposed hook, hence the name Flush. Offered in clam shell packaging and wide array of fishing catching colors the 6th Sense Flush Soft Plastic Jerkbait is a perfectly balanced soft jerkbait that deserves spot in your tackle box. Proudly Made in the USA!

Spanish Pearl
Pearl Chrome
Threadfin Shad
Shad Pearl
Gizzard Shad