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6th Sense Finesse Jig Heads Baby Shad

Designed with a compact hook to give small swimbaits more action and attract more bites, the 6th Sense Finesse Swimbait Jig Heads are built with razor-sharp 90-degree black nickel hooks for rapid penetration and improved hook-up ratios. Featuring a detailed 3D head shape with vibrant eyes, gill rakers, and highly realistic paint schemes, these finesse swimbaits heads are perfect for pairing with the 2.7” and 3.2” 6th Sense Divine Swimbaits or the 3” 6th Sense Whale Swimbait. Finished with a triple cone bait keeper to lock soft plastic trailers firmly in place, the 6th Sense Finesse Swimbait Jig Heads create a bite-sized baitfish presentation that can withstand the abuse of numerous fish catches.