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6th Sense Divine Umbrella Rig Jig Head Raw 10PK

An easy and economical way to outfit your favorite Umbrella Rig, the 6th Sense Divine Umbrella Rig Jig Heads offer straightforward performance and the high-quality construction anglers have come to depend on from 6th Sense. The simplified Umbrella Rig Jig Heads rely on the same mold as the wildly productive Divine Swimbait Jig Heads, however they hang on to the back of your rig lacking any paint schemes or 3D eyes. This cost-saving approach affords anglers more room in their budget to stock up on more of their favorite soft plastics without sacrificing any quality in the jig head’s hardware. Triple cone keeper systems are molded around their razor-sharp and reliably strong hooks to keep your trailers pinned – and the fish as well! The ideal rigging option for all your Umbrella Rigging needs, the 6th Sense Divine Umbrella Rig Jig Heads help outfit your favorite bait school imitator without breaking the bank.