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6th Sense Crush Mini 25MD Crankbait

Perfect for those tough, high pressured days on the water, the 6th Sense Crush Mini 25MD Crankbaits take finesse cranking to the next level. Diminutive in stature at only 2-inches in length, the Mini 25MD features a unique design that allows it to hunt erratically and generate strikes from finicky fish. It also dives down quickly to the 4-7ft depth range, and features a faint rattle system that doesn’t over power pressured fishing situations. Top-of-the-line paint schemes offer incredible lifelike appeal, and super sharp black nickel hooks seal the deal on strikes. When the fishing gets tough, the 6th Sense Crush Mini 25MD Crankbaits have what it takes.

  • 2"
  • 1/4oz
  • 4-7ft