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6th Sense Clout Worm

Adding a new dimension to stick worms, the 6th Sense Clout Worm offers a unique action and profile that is a must-have for your tackle arsenal. Molded with 3-dimensional ridges, the 6th Sense Clout Worm grabs a ton of water on the fall, creating an irresistible shimmy to the fish. Its ridged design mimics the scale pattern on a baitfish for a more natural profile and also provides texture that makes fish hold on longer when they bite. 

As versatile as it is irresistible, the 6th Sense Clout Worm will become a staple in your worm box because it is highly effective when fished weightless, Texas-rigged, Carolina-rigged, on a shaky head, or even on a drop shot. Offered in a selection of proven bass catching colors, the 6th Sense Clout Worm will help you show the fish something different than every other stick worm to separate yourself from the competition. 

  • 5.4"
  • 10pk