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6th Sense Axle Swinging Swim Jig

Designed to be exponentially more versatile than a traditional swim jig, the 6th Sense Axle Swinging Swim Jig is built with a fully articulating extra wide gap hook and free-swinging screw lock keeper to create a completely weedless presentation. By tex-posing your favorite trailer and embedding the hook point within the plastic, the Axle Swinging Swim Jig becomes virtually snagless as it slithers through snag-ridden cover and pivots up and over obstacles.

Finished with premium powder-painted heads, 3D gill rakers, natural 3D eyes, and high-quality silicone skirts, this swim jig delivers incredible life-like action and an ultra-realistic underwater appearance. Providing anglers with the confidence to fish around heavy cover, the 6th Sense Axle Swinging Swim Jig was created to go places where other swim jigs will not and catch those hard-to-reach fish around trees, docks, grass, and brush piles.