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Stormr Rain Gear

We are very proud to announce that we have established a partnership with STORMR® to offer the very best rain suits available on the market with the styling you would expect from Phantom. We have been researching many different companies and we have found that STORMR®  leads the market in quality, performance, and the best customer service in the industry hands down.

STORMR® products use Neoprene Core Technology™, VAPR Tech™ and UV Shield Performance Gear to defy the elements. If you fish in freshwater or salt, or participate in any outdoor activity that requires superior mobility in harsh environments, no other gear will allow you to remain as flexible in tough conditions as STORMR’s rain gear and performance gear. Each element of this complete lineup of foul-weather and performance gear provides maximum comfort and maneuverability in any weather. 

Phantom will offer the STRYKR, NANO, and AERO series in both the jackets and bibs. The jackets and bibs can be purchased together as a set or individually. If you are in the market for a good fowl weather suit, look no further.

We will update our site and all social media platforms as soon as we get our shipment in and online.


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