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Zoom Hollow Body Poppin Frog

Joining Zoom’s highly successful family of hollow body frogs, the Zoom Hollow Body Poppin Frog provides another element of sound and attraction that triggers more bites in certain situations over traditional frogs. Ideal for scenarios when you need a little extra action to get fish to react, the Zoom Hollow Body Poppin Frog is built with a deeply cupped popping mouth that spits, chugs, and sprays water when twitched, which calls fish from a great distance and generates violent strikes. It is also completely weedless and can travel through the thickest of cover, giving anglers the versatilely of multiple frogs in one. The triple tail design delivers an additional flaring action to help trigger bites from wary fish as well. Once a fish bites the soft body quickly collapses to expose the heavy-duty double frog hook that provides rock solid hook sets and the power to get fish out of any type of cover. Offered in highly detail colors, the Zoom Hollow Body Poppin Frog adds more versatility to your frog fishing arsenal.

  • 3"
  • 3/4oz