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Shimano Cardiff 200A 5:8:1

The Shimano Cardiff A Series casting reels have all the great features of a round reel without sacrificing the benefits of a low profile design. The recessed reel foot allows the reel to sit close to the rod, allowing you to palm like a low profile reel. The only difference is that the spool still has the high line capacity you would expect from a round reel. You get the best of both worlds. The Shimano Cardiff pairs perfectly with a big bait rod. You'll have enough capacity for lots of heavy line, the power to crank big swimbaits and fight big fish. Not to mention the larger spool diameter that is necessary for casting big baits a long way. The Super Stopper instant anti-reverse, the VBS anti-backlash system, the solid one-piece aluminum frame and deep anodized sideplates make the Shimano Cardiff reel a winner!