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Scum Frog Launch Frog

After hundreds of hours of on-the-water product testing and refinement, the Scum Frog Launch Frog is the new pinnacle of technical design and performance in topwater frogs. Featuring a proprietary tungsten “parasite” weight system with integrated locking tabs, which enable the weight of the Scum Frog Launch Frog to be attached securely on the shank of the hook to ensure proper weight distribution for longer casts and consistent performance. It is also built with a wide body and a brass button tail weight that allows it to sit in a nose up position to make walking the dog extremely easy. 

To ensure a high hook up ratio, the Scum Frog Launch Frog is equipped with a super soft high compression body and a premium 5/0 Owner red double frog hook that creates increased hook penetration and a high fish landing ratio. Finished with a premium 40-strand silicone skirt tail for added flaring action, the Scum Frog Launch Frog is available in digitally printed colors to provide the most realistic presentation.

  • 2.75"
  • 5/8oz