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Quantum SM100HPT Smoke S3 7:3:1

A super-compact baitcaster with increased line capacity and long-cast ability? Sounds impossible, but here it is. The Quantum® PT Smoke® S3 Baitcast Reel defies the trend with both downsized palmability and all-around performance. The secret: a larger 35.5 mm fitted spool, plus a reconfigured ACS 4.0™ cast control system that's lighter and more sensitive than ever. Together, these advances deliver greater line capacity, longer casts, and more line pick-up per handle turn than similar-sized reels. Meanwhile, the low-profile PT Smoke S3 comes loaded with the features top anglers count on: rugged aluminum X-frame with PT Thumbar and gull-wing sidecover; full SaltGuard Protection; PT Line Memo technology; super-smooth PT gear design; premium 10+1 bearing system with 2 PT Speed Bearings, 3 PTAC anti-corrosion bearings, 5 stainless steel ball bearings, and 1 roller bearing for the Continuous Anti-Reverse™ clutch; easy-starting, micro-adjustable ACS 4.0 cast control with specialized brakes that disengage at about 5K rpm, for extra-long cast capability; powerful ceramic-carbon drag system; and a PT Power Handle with Zero Friction design. Smooth and strong, this reel fishes much bigger than it looks!

  • Super-compact, high-capacity, long-casting reel
  • Rugged aluminum X-frame
  • PT Thumbar
  • Gull-wing sidecover
  • Full SaltGuard Protection
  • PT Line Memo technology
  • Large 35.5 mm fitted spool
  • Super-smooth PT gear design
  • 10+1 bearing system with 2 PT Speed Bearings
  • 3 PTAC anti-corrosion bearings
  • 5 stainless steel ball bearings
  • Continuous Anti-Reverse™
  • Easy-starting, micro-adjustable ACS 4.0 cast control
  • Ceramic-carbon drag system
  • PT Power Handle
  • Zero Friction design