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Jackall Rerange 110MR Jerkbaits

A new and deeper diving addition to the incredibly effective Rerange series, the Jackall Rerange 110MR Jerkbaits allow you to target fish holding further offshore or in deeper pockets. The Jackall Rerange 110MR’s are a step above other jerkbaits in-terms of innovation and technical performance, they deliver a deadly twitch-driven action that big, bait-hungry fish won’t be able to resist. Engineered with an advanced “TG Zero Friction” weight transfer system, the Jackall Rerange 110MR Jerkbait features a fluororesin covered tungsten weight, which slides from end-to-end to extend casting distance and enhance action.

Unmatched in outright attraction, the Jackall Rerange Jerkbaits produce an erratic, yet balanced lurch that lets bass know that there’s an easy meal within reach. Offered in the same highly detailed and highly effective colors, the Jackall Rerange 110MR Jerkbaits are built with advanced internals that produce superior performance.

  • 4-1/3”
  • 1/2oz