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High Ridge Chair-Timber

The High Ridge is a folding chair based on the same low-profile concept as the ALPS OutdoorZ Vanish and Vanish MC hunting chairs but with added features intended to give turkey hunters a decisive edge in their gobbler pursuits. Integrated into the chair design is a supported fabric side table. The table accommodates two slate calls with strikers, a call box, and multiple diaphragm calls conveniently located for easy reach. The table and call slots' strategic placement is intended to keep the calls organized and minimize hunter movement. Another welcome feature is a pocket attached to the left-side frame strut. This pocket is designed to hold a ThermaCELLĀ® appliance - a device many turkey hunters use across the southern tier states to repel mosquitos and biting insects. Finally, the High Ridge chair incorporates two shotgun shell loops to facilitate reloading.

ā€¢ Hunting chair with side table that will hold your essential calls

ā€¢ Side table will accommodate two slate calls with strikers, box call, and multiple diaphragm calls

ā€¢ Calls stay in place for run n' gun style hunting

ā€¢ ThermaCELLĀ® pocket

ā€¢ Shoulder carry bag

ā€¢ Two shotgun shell loops