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Flambeau's Feather Flex Decoys Three Position Hen Decoy

The Flocked Three Position hen standing, feeding or breeding positions allow you to match the mood and mating habits of turkeys in any given area. Unique and patented grommet system allows one decoy to take the place of three regular decoys by offering multiple positions. The flocking eliminates any irregular decoy shine, creates the illusion of real feathers and adds unsurpassed realism!

Each Feather Flex® decoy is constructed with unsurpassed attention to detail, from realistic feather patterns to true-to-life colour. Feather Flex cast their turkey moulds using anatomically correct specifications from actual turkeys, allowing them to craft the most accurate foam decoys in the industry. The thick and durable, yet soft and lightweight polyethylene foam construction responds to even the slightest breeze, providing irresistible wind-activated movement. Realism gets results!



  • Flocked
  • Soft, lightweight polyethylene foam
  • Realistic feather patterns and true-to-life color
  • Irresistible wind-activated movement
  • Includes stake