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Duckett Baits Sneaky Frog EVO Topwater Frogs

Precisely tuned to deliver a deadly action, the Duckett Bait Sneaky Frog EVO Topwater Frog takes frog fishing to a whole new level. It is equipped with an internal hidden weight system and an elongated body shape that makes it sit perfectly horizontal on the surface and allows anglers to create an effortless walk the dog action thanks to its streamlined design. It also features a fine-cut single silicone tail that helps deliver additional subtle attraction and aid in the walking action as well. The Duckett Bait Sneaky Frog EVO Topwater Frog is a great choice anytime you would normally throw a frog, including fishing over mats, over the top of flooded grass, around boat docks, and underneath hanging cover.

Built from ultra soft plastic that instantly collapses when a fish strikes for a superb hook up ratio, its soft plastic construction is still strong enough to withstand fishing through the thickest cover for the most aggressive fish. Available in a range of colors with highly detailed patterns, the Duckett Bait Sneaky Frog EVO Topwater Frog sets a new standard for frog fishing.

  • 3.5"¬†
  • 7/8oz