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Duckett Baits Revolt DR Crankbaits

The Duckett Baits Revolt Crankbait produces an erratic, wobbling action with its exclusive flat-body design. Diving from 6-8 ft, the Duckett Baits Revolt Crankbaits are easily manipulated with a “stop and go” retrieve and varied winding speeds. Equipped with an extra-durable bill, the Duckett Baits Revolt Crankbaits generate strong deflections that trigger vicious strikes from bass lurking nearby.

Built with an internal moving weight system, the weight shifts to the tail of Duckett Baits Revolt Crankbaits during casting for increased casting distances. Available in a host of fish-catching colors, the Duckett Baits Revolt Crankbaits are made with an undeniable level of precision and quality that makes it “flat” out get bit.

  • 2.4"
  • 3/8oz
  • 6-8ft