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Available in both light bearing and non light bearing options, Blackhawk's base model of the T Series Holster, the L2C, is anything but ordinary. Utilizing the Master Grip Principle, the user can maintain their natural draw stroke without sacrificing speed or security of their firearm. Designed and perfected with a "Speed Cut" geometry which aids in rapid drawing and re-holstering, as well as making your L2C optic compatible. Draw your weapon confidently each time with our T Series Holster.

  • Thumb-Activated Retention
  • Sound-Dampening Lining
  • Durable Exterior & Low-Friction Interior
  • Made in the USA
  • Includes Quick Dual Release (QDR) Belt Loop mounted to holster and a 2-Slot Belt Loop is included in the box.


The T-Series thumb activated mechanism allows for the establishment of the Master Grip which places your hand in a position to draw and acquire your target in the shortest amount of time. Eliminating unnatural motions so that in the situation of drawing your firearm, your holster is the last thing on your mind.

Blackhawk T-Series Duty Rated


Blackhawk's entire T-Series Holster lineup is rated for duty use. Our engineers designed the T-Series suite of holsters and accessories to withstand rigorous destructive testing and extreme environmental conditions to ensure regardless the environment, T-Series will keep your firearm at the ready. For added security, the thumb activated retention is paired with two guards to prevent anyone except the user from drawing the firearm.

T-Series Injection Molded Holsters


Blackhawk is the first company to manufacture dual shot injection molded holsters. This process combines a durable outer later with a low friction inner layer to create the ultimate duty holster. The injection molding process ensures that every part of every holster is durable and built from the ground up for your firearm. This time-tested process has been used on millions of our holsters since our injection molded holsters' inception in 2004.

T-Series Low Friction Interior


The inside of all of our T-Series holsters are lined with a low friction internal material which allows for smooth and quite operation of the T-Series holster. This prevents damage to your firearm as well as allowing you to dictate the circumstances around drawing and holstering your firearm.