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Berkley Power Pop Frog

Blending the attraction of a popper with the weedlessness of a frog, the Berkley Power Pop Frog delivers a prominent splashing and walking action that will undoubtedly draw some explosive strikes. Made using a super high flotation material, the Berkley Power Pop Frog features a wide, cupped mouth that slaps against the surface with each rod twitch, generating a splash and a pop that calls bass to the surface.

To help navigate through heavy vegetation, the Berkley Power Pop Frog is built with a recessed hook pocket that keeps the included Fusion19 EWG hook in position and ready for strikes. Upping the ante on attraction, the Berkley Power Pop Frog features a molded rattle chamber and an included rattle** that generates an acoustic agitation. Offered in a number of premium frog colors, the Berkley Power Pop Frog offers a hybrid construction that fishes efficiently around vegetation.


-Super high flotation construction
-Wide cupped mouth 
-Recessed hook pocket 
-Equipped with a sharp Fusion19 EWG hook

**Rattle chamber and rattle only included with 70mm size

Size 50: 1/4oz 2"

Size 70: 1/2oz 2.75"