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Ahi Live Deception Flash Jigs

The Ahi Live Deception Flash jigs are an improvement over the original Live Deception lures. With the addition of the extra reflective coating, these lures do more to imitate the reflective scales of baitfish. They range in size from 1/2 to 4 ounces which gives you many options in different applications. The larger 1-4 oz jigs will work great on the slide or as a casting lure for the pelagic offshore fishing we have in SoCal, we’ve seen a ton of guys using these for the bluefin, yellowfin and yellowtail when the bait is small. They’re easy to cast when the smaller live bait won’t swim.

A through-wire construction of the body prevents any problems with pulling the rings or breaking baits which is a must if you’re fishing for the bluefin especially. We’ve seen some big fish come on these lures so we know how durable they are. If you’re going to use them for the bigger fish you should take the split ring off to ensure it doesn’t open up on a long fight for everything else it will work well. The colors available are Sardine, Anchovy, Blue & Green Mack in all sizes, so they will match well with bait almost anywhere in the world.

Green Mackerel
Blue Mackerel