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6th Sense Cloud 9 C15 Series Crankbaits

The 6th Sense Cloud 9 C15 Series Crankbaits were designed to be the ultimate line of medium and deep diving crankbaits.  The Cloud 9 Series features a large bill that helps them dive quickly and produce a much wider wobbling action than most crankbaits.  They are also engineered to sustain a true running depth and maintain their action for the majority of the retrieve.  The Cloud 9 Series of crankbaits are also fitted with super sharp black nickel hooks, 3D eyes, 3D gill plates, top-of-the-line paint schemes, loud internal rattles, and textured scale pattern finishes. Available in multiple sizes and a range of colors, the 6th Sense Cloud 9 Series Crankbaits are sure to be your new favorite crankbaits.

  • C15
  • 3"
  • 1oz
  • 12-15ft