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13 Fishing - The Jerk Rabbit Ear Tail

Taking soft jerkbaits a step further, the 13 Fishing The Jerk offers an enhanced swimming action that will take your soft jerkbait fishing to a whole new level. Molded with twin rabbit ear tails and a tapered baitfish body shape, the 13 Fishing The Jerk erratically darts in all direction with shorts twitches from the rod tip while also producing a lively swimming action that resembles a fleeing baitfish. 

The 13 Fishing The Jerk is most effective when rigged weightless on your preferred ewg style hook, but because of its innovative design it is also highly effective as a trailer on swim jigs, vibrating jigs, and spinnerbaits. Complete with a strong dose of salt and Donkey Sauce to stimulate even more bites, the 13 Fishing The Jerk adds more versatility to soft jerkbaits.